Custom Wedding Hat
Custom Wedding Hat
Custom Wedding Hat

Custom Wedding Hat

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Before completing your Purchase, Please Fill out  

Let’s get started making you a custom wedding hat.

We’ll need a couple of things to get the ball rolling & the hat blocked.

Hats take around 10-12 weeks from order to completion, if it is a rush order please don’t hesitate to ask & we will see what I can do.


To Measure Your Head:

To make sure you have your correct hat size, you’ll need to measure the circumference of your head. Do this by wrapping a measuring tape around the crown of your head, placing the tape one to two fingers width above your eyebrows and one finger above your ears.

Avoid rounding up or down or using another brand's hat size, we will need your exact measurement for the correct fit. There are many ways people can wear a hat - so measure where you prefer your hat to sit.

The leather sweatband inside your hat will help mould to your head over time.

Please note: No refunds are given for incorrect head size. Please measure multiple times to give the correct measurement. If you are having trouble measuring your head, please contact


Things to consider:

• What shapes catch your eye? A tear drop style/ round dome top?

•What colours are you drawn to? Is the hat for a special occasion or your everyday hat?

•What trimmings do you like? Ribbon, leather, feathers, distressed look, florals?

•What colour sweat band do you like? Black, brown or cream

•Would you like a silk lining?

•Brim size - small, medium or large brim?

•Do you like a curled up brim or flat brim?

No Matter what you’re after - We can work together!